Me, Myself and I

My name is George Bieker. I'm a climber, a guide, a coach, and a co-founder at Summation Athletics. Stated simply, climbing is my life. I...

The Way

All at once I found myself on the banks of a mountain stream. A vision, a clarity of mind that had rarely been seen before. The ripples, the


There are many words that I could use to reference what I mean, to attempt a translation of experience or to convey the stillness in a momen


There's something about the presence of mind that is created in the pursuit of mountains, that for better or worse, spills over into all


I see a man filled with joy. He walks down the highway solemnly, grinning from ear to ear. He wears the wrinkles of age and there is a...


I wake to a vibrant red horizon. A moment in space and in time when all the earth seems suspended. Suspended between darkness and light, bet

New Year, New You.

Many people around this time of year, myself included, will no doubt make a plethora of New Year's resolutions. The narcissist within al

Turning Corners

I guess all this means is that I caught myself swimming against the current of life. For each day, each moment is a continuous opportunity f

Why I Climb

"I can't explain the gravitas of mountains any more than the whys of passion or the effortlessness of falling in love. I just find