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Crashing Waves

Rarely do we interpret the sounds of the world as indicators of the future. As doubts, or as worries. Almost never do we feel as though that "thing" in the world has some intrinsic connection to us, some intertwining of the past, echoing its ramifications into the future. No, we do not. We just hear the sounds of waves crashing over and over again. Each time listening. Each time letting them go.

Why is it so hard for many of us to approach the sounds of our mind with similar equanimity? Instead, echoes of things unsaid or undone, the dark parts of our mind's inner voice; enchant and entangle us for much of our lives. The fear of tomorrow forever unknown, forever daunting, the actions of the past never lost, never forgotten, nor forgiven. Loop after loop, thought after thought, drowning us in the seas of ourselves.

Why do the sounds of our own minds have so much more sway over us? So much more stress, so much more gravitas. Why can't we just hear them and let them go? For the world will never stop coming. Life, and thoughts, and problems will emerge endlessly just as the sounds of the world. Out of nowhere and returning to nowhere. Instead of grasping for the future, or holding onto the past, instead of being stuck moment after moment in the self entangling loops of our minds, just see them, hear them, hell, even laugh at them but then let them go.

Out of nowhere, returning to nowhere.

Understand this, and maybe just maybe, the next time you look for your mind only the world will appear.

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA - Shot on film Pentax P3

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