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Sunset in the North Cascades, shot by Ben Matthews

Paradox: the "between-ness' of things. The truth found in contradiction. In self and other, in light and shadow, in the systems we build, and the context in which they lie. The more you investigate the world, the more they appear. Endlessly being both created and creating at the same time. The first paradox. The gravitas of being. The Universe, the Happening, the Tao, God, Wu-Wei, or the Kosmos. From here each of us as "I" sails an infinite sea. The path of paths. The Way. Leading endlessly to bifurcation, opposites everywhere, yin and yang. In knowledge of the world; The more you know, the more you know you don't know. In Time; No matter where you go, there you are. In Mind; The more you look for it the less you find. Each paradox offers an illumination, a progress towards an infinite horizon. A horizon that by its very nature can never be crested, nor revealed in its entirety. Background to foreground, context within context, forever. I believe the most essential truths of our existence can be found here, in the way between things, in opposites, in paradox. Interestingly enough, the one most available to us in each moment is the one that is most powerful and most crippling. It is the first Paradox I spoke of earlier. It is what allows us to create systems, civilization, language, art, science, and religion. It is what makes us both Masters of our world and slaves to it. It is the bifurcation between your embodied self and the "I" of your mind. The first paradox we develop as infants as we start to navigate the world. The psychological development of the self “separate” from the world around us. It is the dissolution of this boundary that has been sought by all contemplative traditions of the ages. Seemingly elusive yet frustratingly simple. It is the true felt sense that you are as integral to the world as all other things. You are not separate from the process, you are the process. The endless birthing of the cosmos that is you, that is me, that is all of us and all other things simultaneously.

All you have to do is let go, fall into it, and join the dance.

Melting snow for water on a cold bivy in North Cascades National Park. Shot by, Ben Matthews.

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