My experience as a professional in the outdoor industry is unique and varied. I have worked as a facilitator, instructor, educator, and guide for the past decade. I have experience in both the collegiate setting as well as the private outdoor industry. Recently, my continuing education as an outdoor professional has taken me from academia to the Alpine and Rock tracks of the American Mountain Guides Association's Mountain Guide Program. Though the value of my graduate studies can never be overstated, the outdoor classroom is without a doubt, life-changing.


For an in-depth look at my certifications and experience please visit my "About" page. For general inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me. For personal coaching please visit

A Note About Me
Guide Services

As a professional mountain guide and coach, it is my dream to work year-round all over the world. Below you will find my anticipated seasonal offerings, these are always subject to change. If you have any questions ask. Of course, I invite you to join me, somewhere along the way.



Season: April - September

Locations: North Cascades, WA. Squamish, BC. Bugaboos, BC. The Alaska Range, AK. Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. Denali, AK. Virtually all of Washington State.

Offerings: Alaskan Expeditions, Alpine Climbing in the Bugaboos, Mountaineering Instruction, Private Alpine Climbing, Alpine Rock, Snow, or Ice in the North Cascades, Learn to Lead, Single Pitch Instruction, Multi-pitch Instruction, Rock Rescue, Professionalism for the Outdoor Educator, Technical Rope Rescue, Leave No Trace.

Cost: Varies dramatically depending on modality, location, trip itinerary, and company. Contact for more information or visit the following websites to get a better idea of offerings. ​



Season: October - December

Locations: North Cascades, WA. British Columbia. Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. Ouray, Co. Africa, South America, Mexico. Arkansas, Utah, Nevada, Colorado.

Offerings: Expeditions to Bolivia, Peru, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro. Private Rock Guiding/Instruction. Learn to Lead, Single Pitch Instruction, Multi-pitch Instruction, Ice Climbing. 

Cost: Arkansas rates for private instruction/guiding start at $250 per day at 1:1 ratio. Other trips vary dramatically depending on modality, location, and trip itinerary. Contact for more information.


*Expeditions available*                                                       See Below.



Season: December - March

Locations: Ouray, CO. Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. Eldorado Canyon, CO. Red Rock, NV.

Offerings: Private Ice Climbing, Private Alpine Climbing, Learn to Lead, Single Pitch Instruction, Multi-pitch Instruction, Backcountry Skiing, Snoeshoeing, Winter Camping, Private Multi-pitch Rock Guiding, Winter Mountaineering &  Denali Expedition Training, Avalanche Rescue & Education.


Cost: Varies dramatically depending on modality, location, and trip itinerary. 

*Expeditions available*                                                       See Below.



Season: Year Round


Offerings: Mt. Rainier Expedition Prep, Expedition to Denali's West Buttress, Mt. Baker Expedition Prep. Private trips to the Alaska Range, Elberus, Cotopaxi, Seven Summits, if you can dream it we can do it. 

If you have any big mountains in mind, questions about expeditions, necessary prerequisites or equipment do not hesitate to inquire. 

It is my goal to offer transformative experiences and I know of no better venue than that of the mountains. Whether it's your first time at altitude or you're on a quest of self-discovery there is an adventure for you. Read more about transformative experiences on my blog.

Alpine Desert: The Story of Africa  

17,075: An Expedition in Moments


Summation Athletics

Fitness coaching for mountain athletics. Started in early 2019, Dr. Scott Ferguson Ph. D. and I opened Summation Athletics as a way to help others reach their fitness and performance goals. 

Mission: "To deliver world-class training and expedition advice based on the well-established principles of exercise and altitude physiology and to inspire and support a culture of mountain athletes throughout the world."


Season: Year Round

Locations: Anywhere in the world


Cost: Check out our services page to see the full list of offerings and prices.​

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