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Each day that we are blessed enough to wake is a day worth living. Everyday we have a chance at life is a day anew. Do not sit idly by and let life pass you by. Do not hide. For each day that passes is one lost to the sea of history. Chance has blessed you with the gift of life and the power to change. All that is needed is the will to do so. The will of action. To be yourself and capture the world. To make your own way, whatever way that may be. For through all the eons of time that have past before us and all the endless ages still to come one thing remains true. That nowhere in time has there been or will ever be someone like you. Someone so perfect in their own way. Someone with your mind. For you are, one of a kind.

“Days stolen are always sweeter than days given.” - Laurence Gonzales, “Deep Survival”

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