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Look at us. This is the way the world ends. No emotion, no feeling. Every sense over aroused. The control knob turned past 11. Calm down, walk, breath…Let your senses feel, your body open. All the world has to give, all your life experiences, let the world flood in. Shut of your input, flip the switch, release. Be free. Do what you do. Live, Run, Love, Fuck, Jump, Sing and Dare. Dare to explore. Dare to take chances. Enjoy what you have not what others wish you did. Not material, spiritual. Not nurture but nature. Soothing dark, wanted release. A chosen freedom. An exhalation.

We are.

War Machines.

The God Machine. Stop it, Shut it down. Welcome the silent universe. The emptiness in space. The meaningless of life. The Blind Watchmaker. Then you will understand significance, specialties, niche.

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