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Into the Mist

As I travel along the Fjords of Alaska miles from anywhere I find myself in a dream. As the dark green ocean passes beneath me I lose myself in the waves, in the waterfalls and the trees. Into the cool mist I drift:

From thousands of miles away we are a family. A family of like minded people driven to like minded places. To share ourselves with the world and to show the world there is something special in just being a person, in living our lives in the best way we see fit. The pricelessness of being a modern day vagabond, living, and loving on the move. We are the ones who take value In being good and loving one another for what each of us hold dear. We don’t yet focus on how we are different but relish in the fact that for the most part we are the same. Our passions bring us closer together even when our lifestyles inevitably send us further apart. Our love for the rocks, and the sea, of imagery. We live for the anticipation of tomorrow even if we don’t know what it brings. With that and much more we take our lifestyle to all corners of the globe and we tread lightly upon the cultures of the people we have the pleasure of meeting. With a feeling of mutual respect we share our world. We live outdoors in this mutual experience we call life. We fear but alas we love every second of it.

We are friends. We are family.

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