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This is my last night at Barafu Hut. At 15,100 feet there is something awe inspiring about this place. That there is no life here. That the clouds rush in with out a moment’s notice. That this place is unpredictable, unforgiving, and beautiful. The air is thin and the sky is all around us. The excitement for the summit can be felt in the air. It’s an indescribable electricity. People from all parts of the world come here. All for the summit. All for different reasons. Some well kept and well deserved. Others not so much. But tonight what we all have in common is our struggle. Our struggle with the mountain. Our struggle with the elements. But most of all it’s the struggle within each of us that brings us together, that determines victory or defeat. The silencing of that voice inside us that beckons for us to turn around. To give up. That screams at you with every part of your body, every burning muscle, saying you aren’t strong enough. The mastery of ourselves is the true victory here. And a blessing for those enlightened enough to know the difference. For no mountain is conquered, no summit comes with out sacrifice. And it is this mountain with in ourselves that must be overcome first before the world will lay at our feet.

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