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A Child

It took her hand in mine to realize time. To realize the difference between you and I. That time here passes slow. The way of the current. To and Fro. Why? I don’t know. But its different or seems so. Everything here takes time. Like a good southern tea in sunshine. They take time to learn of each other. To love thy neighbor like a brother. To talk to strangers from far off mangers without thoughts of fear or danger. They live life slowly so they know what happened. Unlike us. Seat-belt fastened. Where time flies by without reason. Only aware of the changing season. We stay locked inside from all to hide. Never hurt because we never tried. Here I’ve come to learn of people who want nothing in return. Only that you are as welcoming as them. From a stranger to a friend. They put themselves out there without a thought. No chance of being bribed or bought. Just enjoying time and peace of mind. As we walked through the forest. A local and a tourist. We never spoke, just smiled. Enjoying each other’s presence for awhile. This all happened in a flash. The time it took our hands to clash. Then at last she left the same way she came.

And I?

I will never be the same.

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