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Giants we are, flowing this way and that throughout the limitless reaches of our creative imaginations. For we are born with this power of will. Born with this gift to choose our own way. To pave our own path. To fight the malaise of fate with the freedom of choice. This is our gift, our curse.


The wandering, the doubt, and the search. The culmination of everything we’ve ever done. All the choices we’ve ever made. All our faults. All our blessings and all of our sins brought us here. Right here. So that for these few seconds, these few thoughts, we could be together. For this very moment, these breaths, we are together. A moment to span this great void. To experience life. To travel to distant shores and far off places. Your ticket is an idea. A thought. A dream. A choice. Alas a will for action.


Those times when nothing else seems to matter. When nothing can matter. The feeling of hesitation before leaping into the unknown. Before leaning in for that first kiss. The calm before the storm.


In this stillness, this blackness a guiding light shines bright. A surge of will. The soul awakened from it’s slumber to a right of action. To forever wage war with the beaten path. The emptiness inside. This void that we all long to fill. Dare to fill. And when we do… If we do… existence rushes into us with everything we've become, everything we've accomplished and everything we’ve lost. For a moment we aren’t anything. We are everyone and no-one at all. We are one. We are awakened.


We are giants. Colossal in our dreams. Our desires. The unrelenting thirst for something more. The part in all of us that begs to keep going. To search for distant shores.

To Dream.

To Love.

To Hope.

Dare to never stop. To Never say enough is enough. Fight every second to break loose from these shackles that have barred us to the floor. Spend your life daring. Daring to use every last breath to claw your way from the dungeon of your mind to the freedom of a wandering soul.


Forever searching. Forever wandering these dark nights for a chance glimpse of a starlit sky.


And alas here I lay. This price I pay. Dreaming these nights with eyes wide open fixed on distant stars. Places I will never know. Wishing, wanting and hoping. That somewhere far away someone is doing the same. Sharing this moment with me. That I am not alone in this fight. This struggle of life. This search for things we do not yet know. For people we’ve never met and places we have never been. This search of life.

Give in.

Give up.

Give everything.

With one look into her eyes I’ll know. With one look I was lost. Lost in the glistening snow.

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