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Ripples & Waves

It is in these starless nights, these dark days, these times alone that inadvertently define and create our lives. These paths we cross everyday this way and that, interweaving the fabrics of our joined realities, our common struggle. These everyday decisions, these times of grief and triumph, these choices that are everything. They make us hopeful for tomorrow and regretful of days long passed. Of times forgotten, unchanged, irreversible. They make us live, cause us fear, worry, and doubt. Doubtful of tomorrow. Doubtful of ourselves.

We mustn't give in. We must fight. Fight to live on no matter the circumstances, no matter the regret. We must fight to live again. To breath again. That or forever be brushed aside. To live in the flock. Exist in a heartless herd. Living to be a will-less man sufficient with his predetermined fate. His "destiny". Aspiring to be one more calf to the slaughter. The slaughter of living and of life. The death of the soul and of the mind. The death of potential, of hope, and of our dreams. The death of longing for something more. Oh what a valiant death indeed... God I mustn't be that man.

We must act. Act on instinct and on challenge. Not on that of comfort and security. We must dare. Dare to choose. Dare to live in the unknown of tomorrow not the certainty of yesterday. For inside all of us each day we are born again. Reborn in the warming light of the suns early glow. We are cleansed again and again by the uncertainties of tomorrow. Each day freed from the follies of the last. Free to live for the memories not yet made. To live for those moments that we share everything. To follow that path each of us dares to take. The path that has not yet been laid at our feet but that is and will be created in our mind.

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