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Most of us don't know what crisis is. What panic feels like. Desperation at its finest. Most people are soft, they don't know what survival feels like. What life really feels like. What it feels like to take a breath knowing that it may be your last. To see the summit and turn away. To know love and let it go. The feeling of romance as it slowly slips away. These moments, they define who we are. The tipping point so to speak. Those strong enough to discover who they were meant to become. Those few have the power to endure the darkness. Most people don't. They don't live, they don't fear, love, breath or lust. Not in the sense that I mean. You see the darkness is what shows us light. Shows us strength. Shows us character, and resolve. Most of all our love for what is right. To live for what we truly believe. It is our duty to be like that, to be strong, to test ourselves, our mind and our bodies. Not to follow the herd but to make our own way. To be scared but make the leap anyways. To trust in the unknown. To be weak but to return stronger, to be defeated but rise again. It is this never ending cycle of reinvention and rediscovery that makes a man. That makes us who we are. To rise after a fall. To see the light when all is shrouded in darkness. I use “us” collectively. As the people who feel and or have felt like I have. To anyone who understands what I mean and what I feel.

Be the guiding light in the sea of your own darkness.

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