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"No matter how much you feed the wolf, he keeps staring at the forest." - Ilse Lehiste

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My name is George Bieker. I'm a climber, a guide, a coach, and a co-founder at Summation Athletics. Stated simply, climbing is my life. I may do or be many different things to many different people, as we all do in some way or another. But to myself, this dynamic, this self-identification as a "climber" has held true for over a decade now. A decade that without a doubt has been the most culminating and influential of my adult life.

"The most difficult things in the world begin as things that are...

All at once I found myself on the banks of a mountain stream. A vision, a clarity of mind that had rarely been seen before. The ripples, the waves, the tumultuous, unrelenting flow of the water, of its Way. My eyes enchanted by a falling leaf. A dance, a swaying, this way and that. No presumptions, no destination.

There are many words that I could use to reference what I mean, to attempt a translation of experience or to convey the stillness in a moment. But no matter how hard I try, you will never know exactly what I mean. You will never know what I have felt nor what I feel. Why? Because I am not you, and you are not me and that will always be. Even as I sit here and these words flow forth out of me, I know that the process that is me, that is my mind, that emergence of thought out of flesh and bone wil...

There's something about the presence of mind that is created in the pursuit of mountains, that for better or worse, spills over into all aspects of life. Maybe its the change of glaciers over the summer months, or the change of friends, or of lovers. Maybe its the change of self, voyage after voyage, into those sacred lands. Maybe. Maybe it's in capturing moments and in letting them go.

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Me, Myself and I

The Way





New Year, New You.

Turning Corners

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