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Fayettechill Portfolio

Below is an assortment of selected video, photo, and blog content developed in collaboration with Fayettechill Clothing Company.


A personal thank you goes out to all of the amazing photographers that I have had the chance to work with throughout the years. None of this could have been achieved without you.

A Guide to Rock Climbing in Arkansas

"So you want the lowdown on rock climbing in the Arkansas Ozarks? We assume you do, because here you are. Let's get right to business. If you've never heard of rock climbing in the Natural State it's's FINE! You’ve just been missing out the entire time you've been here but no worries! This post will hopefully shed light on everything you need to know to get you started in the area or help you find something new if you have been here for awhile..."

ClimbAR: The Story Behind Production

"Meet Danny Henkel & George Bieker. Danny is the producer of ClimbAR & George, featured throughout the film, is an AR Native and climbing enthusiast that helped Danny navigate and unlock the present state of AR Climbing. Together they tell the story of rock climbing in Arkansas, through documentation of its impact, the people involved, areas of development, climbing events, and more. Danny produced the film as his Master's Thesis Project within the Journalism Department at the University of AR. Featured in the film are many notable climbing spots in AR. For more information on each of these spots, please see the second half of this post where George outlines five of his favorites..."

Solo Mountaineering in Southern Colorado

"The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme sat on my dash as I rushed, alone, towards the mountains. I use the term rush not due to the excess of speed but to the limitations of my four-wheel drive automobile. I’m headed to the southernmost tip of the front range of the rocky mountains. There lies the Blanca group; a collection of 14ers in the San Juan Mountains that rise abruptly out of the desert..."

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