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ClimbAR Documentary

Below you will find trailers, photos, and blog posts produced during the making of the ClimbAR Documentary film.  


All media is owned and edited by Danny Henkel. To watch the full-length film click the link below.

ClimbAR Trailers

ClimbAR Trailer - Official

Danny Henkel
ClimbAR Trailer - Official
ClimbAR Trailer - Official
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ClimbAR Trailer #2 - Lincoln Lake Bouldering
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ClimbAR Teaser - Cave Creek
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ClimbAR: The Story Behind Production

"The idea to make a rock climbing documentary first entered my brain after spending a day photographing trad climbing with Nik Lamb and George Bieker as research for a potential master’s thesis project topic back in the Winter of early 2015.  It was the first time I had photographed rock climbing, and I was immediately hooked. In the following months George and Nik became technical advisors of sorts, teaching me the skills needed to film the sport and providing me a wealth of knowledge and insights into Arkansas rock climbing."

Climbing in AR + Sneak Peak #2

"Climbing in Arkansas? Yeah, and it's sick. Fayettechill Team Climber, George Bieker, overviews the ever-growing AR climbing culture, shares how word is spreading globally, and, along with filmmaker Danny Henkel, offers a sneak peak of a year-long creative project to document the progress, lifestyle, and beauty of AR climbing."

ClimbAR Documentary Teaser + Exploring Cave Creek

"A trip out to Cave Creek in the Sam's Throne Region of the Ozark National Forest marks the start of Danny Henkel's documentation of the Arkansas climbing scene. Over 2016 he will be spearheading production to capture the never-told stories and journeys of the ever-growing Arkansas climbing community alongside the rocks that act as a canvas for their art."

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